About Us

Who are we?

The name HanChan derives from 2 Korean words which are HanKook (한국) and BanChan (반찬). These words mean Korean and side dishes respectively. HanChan Side Dishes is both online and offline Korean Side Dishes Shop with a vast array of varieties including kimchi all the way to braised shank. We cook only with fresh and authentic ingredients to ensure satisfaction to our customers with quality.

How does HanChan Side Dishes process work?

1. We receive orders either through our website, phone calls, or even manually in our store.

2. As the orders are received, we gather and prepare the top-notch ingredients for cooking.

3. The food will not be ready until the registered day. This is to ensure the side dish(es) are served at the highest quality attainable.

HanChan Chef
Our main chef, Jang Hyunsuh, demonstrating how to cook Korean side dishes (2019).